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Self care skin care

We are a wellness brand that believes modern life has created a deeply unhealthy environment. We are bombarded with toxins and environmental stress from modern living. We believe we have lost touch with nature that provides everything we need. We are getting back to nature to reconnect to the earth. Skin care is self love. Taking 20 minutes out of your day to focus entirely on yourself. Creating a wellness routine for yourself.

Skincare is self care. Skincare is our favourite daily ritual, and self care is our favourite daily habit. It’s about consciously consuming and actively caring. Conscious consumption means that with each Ohana product applied, the benefits go beyond the plant science. There’s a personal science about it too. 

We think about how each drop absorbed by the skin provides an opportunity for self love to be absorbed by the body and mind. Gratitude may be given through conscious application of our balms, oils and serums. Create a list, focus on positive affirmations or set personal intentions. 

Take a few minutes and leave the hustle and bustle of life outside of your daily skincare regime. From dawn to dusk, and from head to toe, smother your body and mind in love, appreciation and care. 

Mindfulness creates meaning. Being mindful of the skin brings meaning to the largest organ, and awareness to holistic health. 

We choose to start and end your day one way: skincare as a form of self care. It’s at the core of Ohana’s ethos and essence. Ohana skincare provides self care, environmental care and animal care, too. Choosing Ohana is choosing love for the environment, the world around us and oneself.