Travel kit

I am a keen traveller: keen is probably a modest word to use but I love love love to travel and to be more specific I am a sunseeker.

Whilst on holiday in the sun I am almost guaranteed to have no MS induced symptoms so I tend to make sure I have at least four days in the sun, every six weeks. Living in London I have the luxury of cheap flights to multiple destinations across Europe at my fingertips and I make sure that I take full advantage of this where possible. This year so far, I have been fortunate enough to visit Puerto Rico, Barcelona, Marbella, Dublin, Scotland, Sicily, Malaga and Toulouse (my flight home from Toulouse was £14, I think my biggest bargain to date). While most people are focused on what the holiday outfits for their trip are or what chic kimono or tunic they can find for poolside lounging; I’m forever hunting down the perfect holiday skincare. I keep three main things in mind: 1 pre sun prep for my skin, 2 sufficient SPF coverage and 3 a 100ml bottle for my hand luggage.

  Toulouse, France

 Toulouse, France

I always like to have my skin prepped for the sun. After constantly using the tube a million times a day and fighting through the busy roads of central London. I always want to make sure my skin is as clear and clean as possible before I am on a flight and in the sun. Two days before, I will always do a gentle face mask. It will most likely be a blend of turmeric powder, honey and brown sugar to keep spots at bay and remove any old or dry skin. I will be careful to rinse it off with warm water and a splash of cold water at the end to seal my pores.

In a dream world I would make my own sun protectant, blending raspberry oil, carrot seed oil and coconut which all have good natural SPF however having a full time job, trying to build a business and everything else in between means I have minimal time to do this. Outside of the Ohana range the only product I buy is sun protection. My absolute fave is day solution by green people with an SPF of 15 (I make no recommendations of what SPF you should use that is of course down to your own skin type. As my skin is quite dark SPF 15 stops me from burning or peeling) although the day solution is quite thick. It gives a really long lasting effect. Using phyto science to protect, nourish and balance as they say so themselves. This is a vegan fair trade product with 85% organic ingredients which I absolutely love.

While on holiday, I always make sure I carry lip balm, a small tub of light moisturiser (for the plane), sun protection face cream, a small pot of coconut oil infused with essential oils; aloe vera infused with CBD for any burns, bruises or holiday emergencies. Having a daily skincare routine is easy, but locking one down for holiday is tricky but it is just as important if not more important than a home routine.

Top tips for a holiday skin routine

1.       Exfoliate 3-4 days before a holiday. It is important to allow enough time for the skin to settle down after an exfoliation.

2.       Have you ever felt your tan is disappearing on the trip home? Make sure you moisturise on the flight (especially if long-haul) to keep your skin well hydrated and moisturised so it doesn’t dry out.

3.       Drink plenty of water – lemon slices in water are delicious and will keep you very hydrated.

4.       Have all your favourite skin care essentials in 100ml bottles. This means you can carry them on the flight and also easy to take to the beach – I’m sure everyone’s beach bag is big enough these days but the last thing you want to do is carry a heavy load when you’re relaxing or sightseeing.

5.       Carry a good lip balm at all times! Preferably with an SPF or natural ingredients. I normally blend mine with coconut oil, raspberry seed oil and carrot- all offer relatively high SPFs.

6.       Keep makeup to a minimum during the day. If you’re on the beach it’s most likely you will be sweating more than usual and the combination of makeup and sweat will clog your pores.

7.       Use multipurpose products – coconut oil is my everything. I can use this as a cleanser, moisturiser and lip balm all rolled into one.

8.       Apply after sun i.e. aloe vera – even if you don’t feel particularly sunburnt, your skin has been exposed to weather it’s not used to and this can help keep it settled.

9.       Don’t forget makeup wipes –  try and find organic ones with minimal harmful ingredients.

10.   MOST IMPORTANTLY – a good SPF cream. The sun can have the most damaging effects on your skin and it is a big factor when it comes to visible wrinkles.

I would also add - you must not leave it till you get to the airport to choose and buy your holiday skin care, especially if you want a natural range as the airport options can be limiting.